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Why register at the City Council?

  • To access municipal public services such as schools, kindergartens, social programmes and employment, to register for the health centre, to participate in district workshops, to register as a person seeking housing.
  • For personal and family matters such as getting married or registering a civil partnership.
  • To enable members of the family unit to access EMASESA bill allowances, the IMD rates for the use of sports facilities, and TUSSAM cards.
  • And free access to museums and public monuments.

Documents required

  • Official personal identification document.
  • Rental housing contract and last receipt, or house purchase deed, or receipt for payment of electricity, water or gas.
  • Family book or birth certificate (under 14)
  • National ID card and family book (under 18)
  • In cases of separation or divorce, custody as well as authorisation from the other parent must be accredited.

Complete requirements


How to register with the City Council

In your district, the city council will collect and validate all the documentation. You will receive a notification when the procedure is complete and you’re 100x100 Seville.

Make an appointment. Call 010 or visit www.sevilla.org/100x100sevilla to make an appointment. Attend your appointment at Calle Jovo No. 2 with all documentation and in 15 minutes you will be 100 x 100 Seville.

Tell us when you would like an appointment. Go to www.sevilla.org/100x100sevilla, complete the form with your personal data and let us know the best day for a visit to your house. We will collect all the data and notify you when you are Seville 100x100.


For any questions:

010 or 955 470 500 00

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