The Purcells, Delia Agúndez & Ruth Verona / Manuel Minguillón / Laura Puerto

Delia Agúndez, soprano Ruth Verona, violonchelo Manuel Minguillón, archilaúd y guitarra barroca Laura Puerto, clave

Aquí puedes ver el programa de la obra original:

Henry Purcell (1659-1695)

She loves and she confesses too Z413

Daniel Purcell (c.1660-1717)

Whithin a verdant grove (Cantata)

  • 1. Recitativo: Whithin a verdant grove.
  • 2. Aria: Who can bear the pangs of despair.
  • 3. Recitativo: The god of Love ove’ heard the shepherd’s sighs.
  • 4. Aria: Lovely shepherd.

Henry Purcell

Ah! How pleasant ’tis to love Z353

Almand de la Suite nº 2 en Sol menor Z66

Daniel Purcell

She whom above myself I prize (Cantata)

  • 1. Recitativo: She whom above myself I prize.
  • 2. Aria: Why was she made so fair?
  • 3. Recitativo: Ye gods, must I for ever love?
  • 4. Aria: See there she walks.
  • 5. Recitativo: The god of Love around her temples flies.
  • 6. Aria: Charmer turn those eyes on me.

Henry Purcell

A Ground in Gamut Z645

If music be the food of love (2ª versión) Z379b

Preludio en Sol menor Z773

Daniel Purcell

Apollo & Daphne (Cantata)

  • 1. Recitativo: Wild as despair.
  • 2. Aria: Dearest Daphne.
  • 3. Recitativo: Thus said he rudely seiz’d the trembling maid.
  • 4. Aria: Phoebus while you’re such a rover.

Henry Purcell

An Evening Hymn Z193

Chaconne Dance for a Chinese man and woman (The Fairy Queen Z629)

Daniel Purcell

Septimius & Acme (Cantata)

  • 1. Recitativo: Whilst on Septimius panting breast.
  • 2. Aria: My dearest Acme.
  • 3. Recitativo: Acme inflam’d with what he said.
  • 4. Aria: My little life.
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